I'm Donna, existing for 16 years .
I do like Black and White.

I post all my randomness here, some rants, and whatever my effin great brain thinks of.

I talk a lot, I eat a lot, I sleep a lot, I laugh a lot, & I don't cry a lot.
I'mma weird banana.
Will be forever pain in Aunt's ass.
I dance hard.
Such a partyphile.
I'mma frustrated singer.
Very camera whore.
Shopping makes me feel ecstatic.
I eat fashion.
Nobody struts like me.
I love hearing raindrops, & I love the smell of it.
I prefer beach than pool.
I'mma Mild Bipolar person. I guess.
Yes, I hate being snob-ed.

I'll marry Wiz Khalifa at the age of 24.♥
I'm nothing , but a swagga.

I know my blog may suck, but who cares, IT'S MINE, so back off.

Hell, I'm just bored.

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